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my mum just told me to “stop being so depressed all the time”


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Oh wait now I get what triggers are

Yeah, see, THIS is a trigger. Something that prompts a horrible flashback that makes someone go into a literal panic attack. It is NOT something that makes you slightly uncomfortable, so can we all just stop tossing that word around like it’s nothing.

thank you Wreck It Ralph

Reblogging for valuable commentary

Also, can we talk about how Felix dealt with it? He NEVER used that word again (only once in front of Ralph, never by her), there was never any talk about how she could get over it, and in their wedding they all made plans to help her with her paranoia by recognising her fears and showing she was safe by pointing guns at the window and having extra security.

A++++++ on dealing with mental issues magnificently, Wreck-It Ralph!

Will never not reblog this when I see it

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I would go on forever and still never say myself.

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39th Annual National Suicide Prevention Week

Challenging our Assumptions and Moving Forward Together
September 8th - 14th, 2013

National Suicide Prevention Week is the Sunday through Saturday surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th.

2013 National Suicide Prevention Week: Media and Information Kit 

See what other organizations planned for Suicide Prevention Week 2013


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its a love, love. hate, hate. relationship.

because i like to bring it back around every once in a while. 


its a love, love. hate, hate. relationship.

because i like to bring it back around every once in a while. 


I haven’t cut or tried to cut since the night that Jeremy broke up with me. Well no, that’s not entirely true. I was clawing at my wrist and hitting my head on the wall when I was in Kahi Mohala after the breakup. It’s been almost a month, I think, since that incident. After being hospitalized and convincing the doctors and nurses that I can be discharged after four days, I’m already starting to wonder if it was too soon to leave. Despite my new relationship that I think I am happy with, I still have the urge to cut so desperately. Even though I haven’t but still really want to, I see this as progress being made.

Every night I have a worry, my razor blades call out to me, my wrists itching for new cuts, and blood wants to spill out.

There's a side of me that not everyone needs to know about. A side of me that I can't discuss on my main Tumblr. A personal side that I can't post there. I'm not always the person people think I am. There's things about me that I'm afraid of being judged for. This is where I can post things that people might not want to see on my main Tumblr. Whether it be SH, personal, or just offensively rude, here, I hope to post and be myself.

Pro ana/mia.
Possibly bipolar.
4'10/11" or so.
154 lbs and hating it.